Inland Northwest Food Network Spotlight

Today I want to share some of the articles that I’ve been writing for the Inland Northwest Food Network’s blog, based around their series of cooking classes called “The Seasonal Kitchen: Cooking with the Bounty of the Region.” The goal of the classes is to teach people how to cook delicious, nutritious, locally grown seasonal foods and I am glad I get to be a part! The idea for the classes came from Jessica Prentice’s book “Full Moon Feast,” which explores the native culture’s tradition of referring to the cycles of the moon based on their seasonal offerings. My articles provide a cultural background for the local, seasonal foods that each class focuses on.

Lindsay Suto: Volunteer Spotlight for Inland Northwest Food Network

I was honored to be featured in this month’s Volunteer Spotlight in the Inland Northwest Food Network E-newsletter. I have had a lot of fun volunteering for this local organization and love that I have a group of people I can visit with about some of my passions! The mission of the organization is to connect people, place, farm, and food through education and outreach. If you are interested in joining, you can get more info here. It’s a fun group, and food appears at every gathering—really good food!

Here are links to the articles I’ve written:

January: Wolf Moon

February: Hunger Moon

March: Egg Moon

April: Wild Edibles Moon

May: Milk Moon

June: Moon of Making Fat

There are still spaces available in the upcoming cooking classes, if any local readers are interested in attending! Register here.

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