"Honor the Sabbath and Keep it Holy"

I read a very convicting chapter of Ezekiel last night. Chapter 20 talks about 3 of the things Israel did that angered God:
1. They turned to idols
2. They disobeyed His laws and ordinances
3. They disregarded the Sabbath

It was really the third point that hit me. I have been so BUSY lately. So much so that I have driven myself to complete exhaustion- spiritually, emotionally, mentally AND physically. I knew that I was busy and that I should probably cut back on some things, because “being busy is bad.” However, it was only after hitting rock bottom and being forced to stay in bed after getting the flu for the second time in a month that I realized just how “bad” my busyness had become. It’s not something that can be cured by cutting out a few activities. It’s going to take a total realignment of my priorities; A return to the Sabbath.

I always thought that the Sabbath was an old-fashioned way of saying: “on Sundays we go to church and then spend time as a family.” But I am realizing that it has nothing to do with that at all. It’s about recognizing that we need to depend on God for our strength. Unfortunately the world tells us the opposite. We have turned productivity into an idol. But as Christians we need to remember that God has commanded us to rest in Him. It would probably do us all good to spend a little time reflecting on what happened to Israel because of their sins.


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