Healing Together

It’s very easy to feel alone, especially when you’re going through hard times. In the last few weeks as I’ve shared about leaving my job and now my seemingly never-ending health journey, it has been amazing to see the number of people step out and say “me too.” I am not sure why it surprises me every time, but it does.

As I continue on this journey of choosing health, I am learning how important my story is. As friends reach out via text, over coffee, and online, incredible bonds are formed as we share our stories and walk the path together. It’s made me realize that I need to tell more of my story (specifically when it comes to my physical health), which will hopefully benefit others.

In the past, I have struggled with not being able to find information online from people with symptoms similar to mine. It makes it hard to figure out a course of treatment, but it makes it even harder to not feel like you are a freak of nature (for lack of a better term). What if there is someone out there who has the same problems I do, and they are searching for answers? Maybe my story can help them find their way.

In the coming weeks I hope to be able to write out the story of my health journey thus far, and I hope it encourages others to find the help they need and the friends they need to help get them through.

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