Have your cake and eat it too {Day 20}

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Due to my dietary restrictions, picking a wedding cake was not exactly the highest priority on my wedding planning list. Which is why I feel oh-so-blessed that my cousin Dave offered to make our cake for us. As a practice run, he made two beautiful cakes for our I-Do-BBQ, and there were NO doubts he would come up with a beautiful creation for our special day. 10154319_862985164096_7719283128533828257_nEven though we barely discussed the cake {and the photos I sent him of cakes I liked were all very different…oops}, he was able to whip up the perfect “whimsical romantic” design based on the decorations going up around him on the wedding day. Did I mention he woke up extremely early, drove the cake over 400 miles, and spent all day decorating, leaving just enough time to shower and make it to the 7pm ceremony? AMAZING.

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We weren’t sure how much cake we would need, so we also ordered a couple of sheet cakes from Costco. We ended up having a LOT of cake left over, but as my dad always said- better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

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Some tips for picking your cake, in case you don’t have an awesome “Cake Daddy” cousin to ease all of your cake worries:

  • Some venues/caterers will charge you a cake cutting fee (usually for plates/cleaning, etc.). Make sure you investigate this and budget accordingly
  • Make sure you have a designated person (or two!) who will cut and serve the cake to guests
  • Cupcakes are a popular option which helps eliminate the cake cutting fee and need for extra plates and forks.
  • If you are doing a special cake cutting with photos, be sure you do a run-through or talk about it ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than having a room full of people staring at you while you stand there trying to figure out which layer to cut, how much to cut, and how to hold the knife with both of your hands.
  • Many people are opting to have dessert bars to provide greater variety for guests. If you still want to have a cake cutting, you can get a small cake for you and your spouse to share.
  • Feel free to delegate and use your resources for this aspect of the wedding! Many people are taking cake decorating classes these days, but even if you don’t know any professionals, your aunt may be willing to make a couple of batches of her famous double fudge brownies for the dessert bar.
  • If you plan on saving the top layer of your cake, make sure you designate a person to take it home and freeze it for you. Chances are you will head off on your honeymoon and forget all about this, so it’s good to have someone taking care of it for you!

Click here to see some more pictures of Dave’s cakes.


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