Halloween {Unforgettable Moments}

I will never forget…my favorite halloween costume


I’ve had many great Halloween costumes over the years…

minnie mouseMinnie Mouse (once when I was little, once when I was big)

electric ballerinaElectric Ballerina

Turtle DragonTurtle Dragon

Spice GIrls 1


Spice Girls (twice when I was big)


Jessie from Toy Story


An Elf

Robin HoodToby the Turtle from Disney’s Robin Hood….

But my favorite costume of all had to be my junior year of college, when my roommate and I decided to go as a pair of dice. We salvaged boxes,  did a little bit of dirty work spray painting them in the alley behind our house, and proudly strung them around our neck on Halloween night. What we did not think about, however, was the logistics of the costume at the Halloween party we were planning to attend. When we arrived at our destination, the house was packed full of people, and two large cardboard boxes made for a very uncomfortable time on the dance floor. We didn’t stay at the party for long, instead heading to a friend’s house to watch a Halloween movie. But on our walk home, someone stuck their head out the window and yelled at us {not uncommon in the U-District} “You guys have the best costume EVER! You’re actually wearing CLOTHES!!” And that my friends, is why I am not opposed to Halloween- because a simple act such as covering up when everyone else is stripping down can be seen as light amongst the darkness.



{I’m pretty excited about this year’s Halloween costume- my friends and I are dressing up as the Von Trapp Family Singers from Sound of Music, and I get to be Brigitta, the little one who likes to read}


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