Going Social {Day 9}

I remember reading this post written by my friend Emily long before I was thinking of planning a wedding. I liked her ideas on how to #hashtag your wedding, and since I’ve been campaigning to bring Idaho up on the times when it comes to social media, it made sense to go ahead and get social with our wedding.


Most of my friends who have gotten married in a short period of time haven’t bothered with a website, but it was something that was important to us. Since we’ve both lived in several different locations and have friends all over the world, we wanted to be sure there was a central place for people to get all the information they needed for the big day, as well as provide a platform for them to get to know us a little better as a couple. The hardest part was picking the template- there are hundreds to choose from! But once I got that done, it was pretty easy to keep it updated. We even tried to add some things after the festivities were over for guests who had been asking for photos, etc. Click here to visit our website.

Wedding website


When we first started dating, our friends quickly gave us the nickname “Lindszlo” which made it very easy to pick the hashtag for our wedding. We used our hashtag on our invitations, on social media, our website, in the photo booth, and even on the shirts we got for our bridal party.

Photo Booth #lindszlo #wedding #socialmedia Bridesmaids watching the Reveal. #wedding #bridesmaids #tshirts #socialmedia


Hashtagging your wedding may not be for everyone, but we sure did have fun with it. Pinterest has lots of great ideas for how to get your guests in on the social media party.


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