Goals {April Recap}

Another month that flew by! Here’s a recap of the progress I made on my monthly goals:


Set aside time to intentionally seek the Lord at least 2x/week.

At first I was embarrassed to set this goal, because it implies that I am currently doing this LESS than 2x/week. But then I remembered that I’m not perfect and probably lots of other people struggle with this too. Plus the whole point of setting these goals is to be kept accountable, so there you have it- I do this less than 2x/week. I have to say, I did increase my time with the Lord this month, but I’m still not quite sure I got up to 2x/week every week.

Read my devos in the morning.

I accomplished this approximately half of the time. Which is pretty good, considering I usually try to stay in bed for as loooooong as possible. I did enjoy the quiet time in the morning, though, and hope that the longer days will make it easier to stick to this one.


Book anniversary trip.

Glacier here we come!

Make list of things we want to do together this summer.

Check. And we’ve already started! We found a sweet spot by the river, and I THINK I am ready to go camping.Hammocking at the River


Build raised beds and attempt to nurse seedlings to life.

We have one raised bed in the backyard, and the seedlings are growing like crazy! {I had to replant them because the first round was a total failure…good thing I started early}

List our house as a rental for Ironman.

Listed. No bites. Anyone want to rent our house for Ironman? GREAT location!

Stain the picnic table.

This project got delayed when I forgot to pick up the sander from my dad, but he delivered it this weekend so it is back on the books! Can’t wait for those summertime picnics!


Finish writing course.

I have one assignment left, but I am OH so close! I am so glad I decided to sign up for the course. It has been really refreshing and encouraging.

Write more (without worrying about correct links, pin-able photos, etc.).

This is my eighth post this month. That is CRAZY when compared to recent months. I LOVE it! It is so nice to be writing again, even though I always wish I could do more– add photos, make it look cooler, have everything correctly linked. Especially when I post things like this, which could’ve had an awesome pin-able image of a tree in full bloom…but ain’t nobody got time for that {not in our household, anyway}. Maybe someday, but for now I am happy to just be cranking out the words again.


Learn how to ferment foods.

I am fermenting ALL the things! I could not have done it without The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods, but so far the ginger carrots, yogurt, and sauerkraut have all been a success! Next up: Ketchup! It is so fun and SO good for our bellies! Shout out to my in-laws for bravely trying my homemade yogurt!Homemade yogurt! #fermenting

Read Wheat Belly.

In progress.


Read Deep Nutrition and Zillow Talk

Check and Check. Review of Deep Nutrition to follow!

Learn how to use my new camera!

I got a quick lesson from a friend, and was able to solve the problem of the mysterious non-focusing. That counts, right?! Looking forward to having more opportunities to practice. I enrolled in an introductory class, but I’m thinking I might just find some YouTube videos and save the $$. Any one have suggestions? We have a Nikon D3200.


Print photos for empty frames.

I did this! Yay! Sick day for the win! I even put them INTO the frames! Now it’s out of my hands, as my handy husband takes care of all the picture hanging.


Are you guys as excited about spring as I am? I say, bring on May! 

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