Giving Thanks

I generally stay away from the typical “I’m thankful for…” Thanksgiving posts. {I’m not really sure why; I must be too hipster or something.} So I had no intentions of making a list of things I am thankful for, and I definitely had no intentions of posting said non-existent list on Facebook, Twitter, or my blog.

And then something happened that reminded me how much I have to be thankful for. On Wednesday, as I was about to hit the road for my Thanksgiving festivities, my beloved car started smoking. After a crazy day that didn’t go anywhere near according to plan, Thelma got a shiny new radiator and we were back on the road, but not before my community stepped in and showed me how much they care. So, this year, I am extremely thankful for my people….

  • My friends and roommates, who kept me laughing by making jokes about Thelma needing to lay off the cigarettes, while also offering to make me dinner, give me rides, and basically be at my service no matter what the need.
  • My mentor, who dropped everything to give me a ride to and from the car shop, and also offered to loan me a car for the weekend in case they couldn’t fix Thelma.
  • The amazing man who was by my side through the whole ordeal, keeping me calm, asking important questions, getting them to fix it as soon as possible, and literally saving my life by being the one to suggest I have someone take a look at the car before I got on the highway. {He did all of this on his lunch break!}
  • My family, who patiently awaited my arrival and greeted me with a giant gluten free feast.
  • And, of course, my newest peeps–Andre and the AAMCO crew who got Thelma in and out in record time, putting us back on the road by 3:30pm.

I am 95% certain that without this amazing group, I would be on the side of the road somewhere in Eastern Washington, enveloped in smoke, bawling my eyes out. But that did not happen, and for this I am thankful!

How was everyone else’s Thanksgiving?



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