Giving Thanks {Day 30}

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When we got engaged, I was most excited for two things:

1. Pre marital counseling.

2. Writing thank you notes.

What can I say? My mama raised me on thank you notes. I send a lot of hand written notes in my job, and recently I’ve had a lot of feedback from people- you’d be surprised how easily it can make someone’s day. I love writing thank you notes. But let me tell you, when you have 200 of them to write…it quickly becomes not so much fun. So my advice is to send the thank you notes as you get the gifts. There is no need to wait until you get your special wedding thank you postcards back from the printer. People don’t care about that. They want to feel appreciated, and they want to remember what they gave you when they get the note, so the sooner the better! I will confess…we sent out the last {I think} of our wedding thank you notes just last week. Approximately 5 months after our wedding. I am so embarrassed. I think they say there is an 8 week grace period for weddings, which clearly we did not make it in.

Wedding Thank YouIf I could do it again, I would sit down every weekend and write thank you’s for any gifts received that week. You will get gifts at showers, parties, and delivered to your doorstep. If nothing else, make sure you have a reliable way of tracking your gifts. Our website allowed us to input our gifts as we received them, which was quite handy because we moved twice in the first month of marriage, and a handwritten list would have gotten lost very easily.

It’s also nice to thank people who played a role in your wedding—sound guys, musicians, officiant, coordinator, decorator, etc. We wrote these thank you’s ahead of time and meant to distribute them on the wedding day but surprise surprise, we got distracted. Instead we dropped them in the mailbox on the way to the airport, and they still arrived in a timely manner.

A few more tips:

  • Get cute cards to help motivate you.
  • Keep your address list handy after you address your invitations- you will be needing that! Also be sure to fix any addresses that change or come back undeliverable.
  • Consider sending thank you postcards to save money. The going rate for a postcard stamp is 36 cents, whereas a full price envelope is 48 cents. It may not seem like much, but when you multiply it by 200, you end up saving nearly $25.
  • We ordered postcards that included our return address for free- this is a nice option that will save your hand from cramping as you address all of your thank you notes.
  • If you want to include a photo from your wedding, be sure you plan ahead and tell your photographer. Whether this involves props {i.e. a thank you sign} or is something you will add text to later, you want to make sure you have a good straight-on photo so people can see your faces.
  • Don’t forget to include postage {for invitations, save the dates, AND thank you cards} in your wedding budget.


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