Get Away {Day 14}

Keep Calm and Book Your Honeymoon

We went back and forth about whether or not we would take a full blown honeymoon right after the wedding. Our wedding date coincided with a crazy time at work for me, and I really didn’t have a lot of vacation time accrued yet, so I suggested a little weekend getaway somewhere nearby, followed by a real trip somewhere later in the year.

We had a lot of friends who were anti-honeymoon, and advised us that a long distance trip is not the best way to start off your marriage. But we also had friends who put it off and {surprise surprise!} never actually went. We didn’t want that to happen, but knew there was a good chance it would…. so we booked it! And it was oh-so-wonderful. We were lucky enough to have a family member gift us a week of their time-share, which we used at an all inclusive resort in Mexico. It took us awhile to find a place that would work with our schedule {because no one wants to catch a flight at 6am the day after their wedding} and not require us to fly for 17 hours. We ended up staying in Spokane at the Davenport Hotel the night before we flew out so that we could be closer to the airport and not have to deal with a disheveled apartment. It was an excellent decision.

After an extremely stressful 3 months of planning a wedding, it was SO nice to take a vacation and do nothing but lay by the pool.** It was so wonderful to have time off, and time ALONE. I know we would have gone back to work or spent time with friends or done something to keep us busy had we stayed home that first week of marriage. But having 7 days of uninterrupted us time allowed us to get to know each other on a new, deeper level and prepare ourselves for what the rest of our lives would look like.

Much like the rest of wedding planning, we found that everyone will have an opinion, but you should always do what’s right for you. If you don’t think you’ll travel well together, pick a nearby destination. If you are too stressed planning a wedding to even think about planning a vacation immediately afterwards, put it on delay. No matter what you do, enjoy the time with your new spouse!


**Tip: When you first start planning for the honeymoon, make sure you discuss expectations. Since opposites tend to attract, chances are one of you will prefer downtime, whether that’s laying by the pool or cozying up in a cabin, while the other would rather be active, seeing the sites and looking for adventures. This is definitely an area you will need to compromise on if you hope to enjoy your vacation at all. Don’t assume you know what the other person will want to do, and don’t assume the other person will give in and succumb to your vacation style. Best to talk it out ahead of time!


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