FREE Guide: How to Survive the Holidays with Food Sensitivities

Last fall I shared about my deli line breakdown that happened during my first attempt at eating out while coming off an elimination diet and 21 day detox. Since I am in a very similar situation nearly exactly a year later, I thought I would share the second half of the story…

Immediately after my breakdown in the deli, we headed to the opposite end of the natural market to attend a gluten free cooking class. The cooks made wonderful looking pizzas, pasta salads, broccoli cheddar bakes, and even little spice cake muffins. Each time the sample lady came around the audience, I would politely say “no thank you” and she would give me an “are you kidding me?” look before passing on to the next person. When she came around with napkins halfway through I told my husband “I should probably take a napkin just to make her happy” because she seemed so offended every time I declined her samples.

After the demonstration, we made our way to the front to check out the products and ask a few questions. Sample lady was there, and she made another comment about how I didn’t sample any of the products. I explained to her that I was on a very restricted diet and therefore couldn’t try anything, but brought my husband along to be my taste-tester so we could determine which items to make in the future.

The chef was very nice and started asking me about my elimination diet, and even sympathized with how difficult it is. The sample lady, on the other hand, decided to ask me “why would you even come to this class if you can’t eat anything?!” I tried to stay calm and once again explained to her that Laszlo was able to try things and I hoped I would be able to eat those treats again in the future.

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Although I know she was probably not seriously offended and meaning to be rude, her repeated reaction was a little bit much, and something that still sticks with me a year later. I’ve since talked to several friends who have had difficulties cooking for and communicating with family members with food allergies, so I decided to offer a little help. Just in time for the holidays, I’m offering my Guide to Surviving the Holidays with Food Sensitivities for FREE to blog subscribers. This guide offers advice for those with dietary restrictions and the family and friends who will be hosting. If you’re wondering how to approach the subject, how to tailor the menu, or how to survive all of the food events without eating something you shouldn’t, this guide is for you! It also offers some easy substitutions for common dishes and comes with three recipes!

Surviving the Holidays with Food Sensitivities...a FREE guide to help both those hosting and those with dietary restrictions enjoy their holidays. Includes 3 recipes!

Whether it’s due to allergies, intolerances, health conditions, or diseases, there are an increasing number of people with food challenges these days, and chances are you will have one of them at your family gathering. Check out my guide, and above all remember to be gracious with one another, and you should be fine!

Do you have any “Food Challenges” you’re working around for Thanksgiving this year?



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