Feed the masses {Day 23}

Keep Calm and Chow Down...31 days to the altar #shortengagement #food #weddingplanning

We self-catered our wedding. It was a lot of work, but saved us a lot of money. I know food can be a top priority for some people, and in that case I encourage you to find a caterer you love and book them early! Luckily for us, we agreed that it was not a high priority, but we did have a few things to consider- we knew we would be serving alcohol {to help with the dancing}, so we thought it responsible to serve some food as well, but we couldn’t do a full meal because we didn’t have enough room to have 250 people seated {we mixed tables and chairs with cocktail tables, to encourage dancing/mingling, but also provide seating for those who would need it}. We ended up with an appetizer buffet, featuring bacon wrapped dates {crowd favorite}, meatballs, caprese skewers, fruits, veggies, cheese, and hummus.

Self catering only worked because we were blessed to have a venue with a full commercial kitchen and no catering requirements, a coordinator with experience in cooking for large groups of people {and a willingness to make a HUGE Costco run}, and lots of family in town who we put to work. As the wedding day approached and we still hadn’t figured out what to do, I started looking into having someone cater- but I just couldn’t justify spending upwards of $10/person on appetizers, when I knew we could do it all ourselves for less than $1,000. {Thanks for the free labor, guys!}

If you don’t have access to the above mentioned things, you can still have an excellent reception on a budget. I’ve heard that potluck receptions are becoming quite popular, and there is always the option of firing up the BBQ if it’s an outdoor wedding. I have a friend who hired a food truck for her upcoming wedding, which I couldn’t be more excited about!

Chex Mix Bar #weddingplanning #food #party #glutenfree

Chex Mix is probably our favorite snack of all time. Although popcorn bars, s’mores bars and candy bars seem to be popular these days, I’ve never heard of anyone having a Chex mix bar at their wedding, so this was another fun and unique detail that helped to personalize our wedding. I pulled 3 favorite recipes, appointed a Chex Mix captain, and had her distribute the ingredients to her team members {Once again, thanks for the free labor guys!} who each made 5-10 batches in the days leading up to the wedding. Chex Mix Bar, Gluten Free #party #snacksThe great thing about Chex Mix is that it can easily be made gluten free, which made it a safe option for myself and several of the other guests with dietary restrictions. We placed the Chex Mix table right next to the bar, which meant no one was drinking on an empty stomach- because how can you resist Chex Mix?! I only wish we’d gotten some—although we did each grab a handful on our way out the door, and someone packed us a couple of Ziplocks full to take on our honeymoon, which was a total lifesaver!

While I’m thinking about it, you should designate someone to provide food for you after the wedding. It doesn’t matter if you have a catered dinner, self-catered appetizers, or only serve cake at your wedding- chances are you will not get a chance to eat, and you will be starving at the end of the night. If you can have someone pack you some treats {and maybe even a little bubbly!} to take to the hotel with you, you will very much appreciate it!


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