Farewell and Thank You

Today is the day that one of my BIFs (Best Idaho Friend) is moving across the country. I am excited that she gets to reunite with her husband in a cozy condo in the mountains, but I am also very sad to see her go.

Our friendship has (so far) been very short, but it has been life-changing.

I first met her online. {Seriously. That happened. And it worked out.} #twitterfriendsarerealfriends

I came across her blog and Twitter, God put it on my heart one night to pray for her and her husband, and somehow that really sealed the deal.

Our first meeting was at a park. {wow, that sounds really sketchy. Grandma, I know you’re ready this, and I promise it wasn’t sketchy. We have loads of mutual friends and we were not alone} It was awkward, I was nervous. What if she didn’t like me? After an hour or so of slack lining and filling her in on the town gossip, I knew we needed to be friends.

Our second meeting was at a coffee shop. We talked for hours.

She was one of the first people I met in Idaho who welcomed me in and loved me for the crazy, scandalous woman I am. She listened to me. She asked questions. She let me process the way I needed to. She pulled me out. The “me” that had been hiding for a long time.

I’m sure if she were to read this she would say there’s no way she did all of those things–because she is incredibly humble. Maybe she is right, maybe I cannot give her 100% of the credit for all of that, because there are always other forces working. But I can guarantee that I would not be the same woman I am today without the time that we have spent together.

The encouragement I received from her gave me the courage I needed to finally speak my mind. When I did that, it started a ripple effect–others started doing the same, because a little encouragement was all they needed as well.

She has a way. Somehow she was able to convince me that I should invite my now boyfriend on a lake cruise before we were even really friends. I did it. And he said yes. {Thanks for that}

It hasn’t been all cupcakes and roses- we’ve had our moments. I have said hurtful things, but she has forgiven me. We have shared many hugs. {I am not a hugger}

She posted on Facebook that she needed a part time, temporary job. I had the privilege of calling her the next morning to tell her about a very unexpected job opening. {mine!}

When I got promoted, I got to boss her around every day. : )

We’ve sat across from each other in several meetings and Bible studies, and all it takes is one look to know exactly what the other person is thinking.

We built a community together. And by that I mean we really forged two communities together {Thank you for sharing your people with me!}

She gave up Facebook and Twitter {seriously, how does she expect me to keep in touch!?}, and she claims she’s not a blogger. But really she is the best blogger I know, because she has cut out all the hype- no quest for likes, no posts just to check it off the list and gain followers. She has gone back to the basics- honest, beautiful truth and vulnerability as she shares her life story and God’s redemptive work as she chooses joy every day {and shares about it via her online journal}.

Everyone should meet my friend Katie.

As my Irish mates would say: It’s not good-bye, just fare-well…

…and thank you   


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