Crafting A Family Mission Statement

Crafting a Family Mission Statement Laszlo came home from his men’s group the other week and announced that our homework was to write a family mission statement. My eyes lit up because it sounded like just my thing!

After he mentioned it, I was surprised how often I noticed mission statements being talked about —whether personal or professional, they seem to be all the rage these days! Rightfully so, as we face thousands of choices on a daily basis in regards to how we will spend our time, money, and resources.

Since there are only two members to our family, it didn’t take us long to craft our family mission statement, although I would advise you to patiently let everyone play a part in the process—even the little ones! It helps get buy-in later on, when it comes to the resulting decisions.

Here are some of the questions we used to guide our brainstorming:

  • What sort of feeling do we want our home to have?
  • Are there any people or families we aspire to be like? What sort of qualities do they have that we admire?
  • Are there any people or families we don’t enjoy being around? What is it about them that turns us off, and how can we act differently?
  • What makes us want to come home?
  • What are our roles within the family?
  • What are our values?

Here’s what we ended up with:

We love and serve God.

We strive to make our home a place of rest and refuge.

We show kindness to our family members and others.

We are devoted to lifelong learning.

We strive to be good stewards of the resources God has given us.

We listen first, and respond with encouragement and positivity.

We live well within our means, no matter what our situation.

We prioritize our health above convenience.

We seek authenticity in ourselves and in others.


There have already been a few occasions where we have been able to make a decision by evaluating how closely it aligned with our family mission statement. Since it’s only been a couple of weeks, I’d call it a success! I wish I’d sat down to do this earlier—even before getting married. It is easy for me to say “yes” to things, but having a specific vision for my life probably would’ve helped me to more carefully select the things I said “yes” to…and made it easier to say “no” as well.

Do you have a family mission statement? Would you consider making one?

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