Condiment Round Up

Much like salad dressings, commercially available condiments are a large source of hidden sugars, trans fats, and unnecessary food additives. When I began my research on fermented foods, I discovered that condiments used to have a very important role in the diet. Fermented chutneys, sauerkrauts, ketchups and other condiments provided the needed probiotics to keep the gut flora happy and balanced.

Unfortunately, nowadays, condiments are rarely fermented and instead filled with harmful ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. And instead of consuming small, beneficial amounts as an accoutrement to each meal, we’ve become dependent on slathering our greasy, nutrient deficient food with these sauces in order to make them palatable.

The good news is, it is very easy to make your own condiments at home! Even if you don’t want to ferment them, homemade versions are much healthier–although I will warn you, they don’t keep for as long because they lack the preservatives found in processed condiments, so it’s best to make small batches.

Here are some recipes to try for a few of the most popular condiments:

realketchupKetchup from Neo-Homesteading

Lacto-Fermented-Mayonnaise-Traditional-Cooking-School-GNOWFGLINSMayonnaise from Traditional Cooking School

bBQ SauceBBQ Sauce from My Humble Kitchen

ranch-dressing-300x300Ranch Dressing from Real Food Enthusiast

horseradish mustardCheck the labels on mustards, but they seem to be one of the few clean condiments available. But if you want to make your own, this Horseradish Mustard from Rising Moon Nutrition sounds delicious!

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