2014: A Lot Can Happen in a Year

This year has been a complete whirlwind. I finally got around to using our free photo book codes we received as wedding promotions, and decided the best use would be a 2014: Year in Review book that would showcase all our photos. Since I already did the grunt work of gathering the photos, I thought […]

Apple Brides

My dear Laszlo and I celebrated a whole 2 months of marriage last week! I cannot believe how time has flown by. We have now been married for a full 25% of our relationship! Craziness! In honor of this milestone {ok, so maybe it was more of a coincidence…}, our wedding was featured on Apple Brides, […]

Summer Resolutions

♥♥♥ Hey guys! Guess what?! I got married! I cannot believe it. I especially cannot believe it because it went a little something like this: November 15- Go on a date November 18- Start a new full time job November 27- Officially start dating February 28- Engaged! May 31- Married! June 2- Honeymoon in Mexico […]

Things I’m Into…

#OperationWildThings- I finally went to the doctor about a month ago, and found out I am extremely deficient when it comes to things like essential minerals, nutrients, and protein (i.e. scary “we’ve never seen anyone with such low readings” deficiency). To increase my numbers I’m on a new diet which includes lots of organic meat, fruits, […]

Final thoughts on 2013

I had high hopes for my week off between Christmas and New Years. A page long “to-do list”, that currently has only three items crossed off. One of my top priorities was supposed to be getting back on the ol’ blog. Yet here I sit, seven days in, trying to organize my thoughts and unsure […]

Link Love {November Edition}

I don’t have a lot of linkage to share this month, because working full time changes things. I just logged into BlogLovin to find 77 unread posts. Aye Aye Aye. Looks like I have some catching up to do. For now I am saving articles I find via Pocket, my newest favorite “Read Later” app. […]

Movin’ on Up

Exciting news! Today I begin a new job! It is not a COMPLETELY new job, as I have been filling in as interim Alumni Relations Coordinator for the past three months, but today I start in the permanent, full time position of Alumni Relations and Development Coordinator. It has been a long road, full of […]

Link Love

♥ ♥ ♥ Sometimes I think the Internet can read my mind. Every time I think I should write about a certain topic, I come across someone who has already mastered the subject. So instead of repeating their words, I direct you to their wonderful works: ♥ The Good Man Checklist Although most of the time I struggle […]

The Happiest Day on the Planet

I work at a college, and today was Commencement Day. At the employee awards breakfast, the president of the college declared it “The happiest day on the planet!” and it indeed was a very festive day spent celebrating the faculty, staff, and students. As we watched the students march past us on the way to […]

“When I’m 25…

…I think I’ll be married and have my life all sorted. No offense or anything.” -Words from a 19 year old male, spoken to my 25 year old female friend on a mission trip in South Africa.  Today may or may not be my 25th birthday. I have neither a husband, nor a life that […]

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