Healthy Mind

Things I Do

Sometimes I feel like I get nothing done throughout the week, other than the things required for survival… like eating. (And trust me, I have been doing a lot more of that lately) It can be really disheartening when I think of all the things that I would LIKE to do, especially when it seems […]

What I’m Reading: Quick and Dirty

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Twitterature post, and since my list is getting long, I’ve decided to combine it with this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt “easy” and give super simple, short, 5 minute reviews of the books I’ve been reading lately! Daring Greatly– Thought it was great, but I’m glad I read Gifts […]

2016 Financial Goals

I recently got a new computer. Previously I was working on my 7 year old MacBook Pro. Considering the fact that it was 7 years old, it was actually in really good condition, but man was it SLOW. The battery was also 7 years old, and it got to the point where the whole computer […]

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