Healthy Mind

Becoming “Almost Amish”

I’ve learned in the last few years that I do better with less. Less possessions, less commitments, less expectations of myself (which is ironically the exact opposite of what culture tells us). I think I first realized it when we downsized from a 1,400 sq ft apartment to a 1,000 sq ft house (going from […]

Storms over Detroit

Two years ago, I sat in a Chili’s inside the Detroit Airport, waiting for an update from my sister, who was at the hospital in Yakima, while my mom was having her second brain surgery. The plan was to go in and remove the metastatic tumor they had spotted on the ultrasound/MRI, with the expectation […]

Things I Do

Sometimes I feel like I get nothing done throughout the week, other than the things required for survival… like eating. (And trust me, I have been doing a lot more of that lately) It can be really disheartening when I think of all the things that I would LIKE to do, especially when it seems […]

2016 Financial Goals

I recently got a new computer. Previously I was working on my 7 year old MacBook Pro. Considering the fact that it was 7 years old, it was actually in really good condition, but man was it SLOW. The battery was also 7 years old, and it got to the point where the whole computer […]

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