Passion gets the wheels turning

I’ve been around several people lately who are stuck; their “wheels are spinning.” It makes me sad because I don’t think we should ever feel that way as Christians. Our whole purpose in life is to GO, to be missional, to be reaching out, not to be sitting still, stuck in the mud. I like […]

Hoarding the Blessings

Chris: “Faith seems so much more rational to me when I’m in community.” My response: “Yes, for sure. Because that’s what we were designed for. We can’t do it on our own. Literally. Who are you going to love if you’re just by yourself? You’re going to love yourself.” He then told me about a […]

Prayer. Or lack thereof.

At book club this week we were reading Brother Lawrence’s “The Practice of the Presence of God.” Which is quite ironic, seeing as how I haven’t felt God’s presence in quite awhile. As tall Paul pointed out, people often spend lots of time thinking ABOUT God, but not much time WITH God. I have definitely […]

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