Wonderful Worship

Have you ever been so caught up in worship that something peculiar happens? I remember one time while praying for a friend, he was so touched by the power of the Holy Spirit that he sat there, rocking back and forth with his eyes closed and a huge smile on his face for what felt […]

A Holistic Approach

I’ve had a chronic health issue for about 12 years now. After 10 years of doctors telling me they weren’t sure what was wrong, but throwing drugs at me anyway, I decided to try something new. I went to a holistic doctor, who was willing to spend hours with me, evaluating my lifestyle, diet, and […]

Discipleship. Just do it.

In honor of the last day of National Mentoring Month, I thought it appropriate to write about discipleship. Disclaimer: I am not claiming to have anything fresh and exciting to say about the topic. Just a passion and desire to see Jesus’ Master Plan of Evangelism carried out.  Instead, I will share with you a […]

God Always Wins.

This week I disobeyed God. We wrestled all week, and even though it seemed I was getting my way, the truth is: He always wins. I spent Saturday night tossing and turning, thinking about the very controversial topic of abortion. I could not figure out why God had laid it so heavy on my heart […]

Choosing Discomfort

In the 15 months I have lived in Idaho, I have noticed a pattern. Every time something great happens and I start to feel like I am figuring out why God has placed me here, something horrible happens immediately afterwards, causing doubt, confusion, and frustration to flood in. This week was no exception. This week […]

The Time Has Come

I had a heart to heart with one of my oldest and dearest friends when we were both home for Thanksgiving. He helped me to realize that I’ve been feeling stifled. I used to write about whatever was on my heart, but lately I haven’t felt that freedom. I have been working on a guest […]

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