Capture the Moment {Day 12}

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The most frequent piece of advice I was given regarding wedding planning was to shell out the extra money for a good photographer, because as the years pass and your memory gets foggy, the photos are all you have to remember such an important day. I took that advice and hired Looyenga Photography for our special day, and it was definitely money well spent!

I was torn between hiring a videographer or not, because I really enjoy watching the short summary videos of friends weddings that I occasionally see on Facebook, but I couldn’t really justify the expense of both a photographer and a videographer. When I looked through the different package options provided by Looyenga Photography, I knew I had found the perfect solution to my dilemma! As a part of the all-out package, Brent puts together a photo story, which is basically an audio recording layered over a compilation of photos, perfectly summarizing and capturing the day! I watched a few of his photo stories on YouTube, and knew I HAD to have that. I told Laszlo I found us a photographer and we immediately scheduled a meeting. {I actually knew Brent and his wife from our volunteer work with the young adult group at our church, but he and Laszlo hadn’t officially met—other than the time he asked me who “this guy” was who had taken their spot next to me at our weekly gathering}

I reassured Laszlo that we could make our photo story fun, and after a little bit of bargaining, he agreed that we could get the all out package!

 ♥ ♥ ♥

One of the best things about having Brent do our wedding photos is that he includes an engagement session with each of his packages, and since we opted for the All-Out package, we also got an engagement photo story as well. This was the perfect addition to our website, allowing our family and friends from afar to “see” us together before the big day. It was nice to have the chance to work with Brent before the wedding day, so we had a feel for his style and had a little better idea what we were supposed to do. We had a lot of fun, and I think it shows in some of our crazy photos. “Lindsay, stop laughing!” was repeated over and over again.

Another benefit of the All-Out Package is that it came with a second shooter at the wedding; he was also named Brent and was a lot of fun! He was loving our #lindszlo hashtag and somehow managed to blow up instagram while capturing all of the memories of our special day on his real camera, as well. Having the second shooter allowed them to get lots of shots from different angles- for example, we have shots of my dad and I walking down the aisle from above, and also from the front of the room.

My guests were extremely impressed with the photographers. They kept telling me “they really know what they are doing!” which gave me a lot of peace amongst the craziness of the day. I remember them coming into the bridal suite during the transition between the ceremony and reception, asking if they could set up some lights. Brent said he’d never done it before, but he thought it would work well. I had no idea what they were talking about, but I of course gave them the go-ahead, and I’m so glad I did. All those reception photos? That room was extremely dark. I’ve seen photos from people’s phones and personal cameras, and you can barely make out faces in some of them. Brent’s set up made the room look like it was fully lit, giving us amazing photos. {He was comfortable using me as a guinea pig since we were friends and I was so laid back about everything—and I loved it!}

Even though I believe our guests when they say our wedding was beautiful, part of me thinks Brent could have made anything look great. Plus the wonderfulness didn’t stop after the wedding day- Brent delivered the photos in a very unique way, and has provided excellent customer service in getting us all of our digital images, prints, photo books, and products that were included in our package. The investment was so worth it! Invest in a great photographer—and if you’re looking for one, Brent may just be available! {although his business has really taken off—we caught him at the perfect time!}

My one regret from the wedding day was running out of time for photos. I wish I had been ready earlier so we could have taken photos at different locations. Brent knew I would be late, so we built some extra time into the schedule, but I still wish we had a little more variety. Then again, it’s been quite the task to sort through the amazing 900 photos we got back, so maybe it’s a blessing after all!


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