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Twitterature {Summer 2016}

I haven’t been doing much other than reading lately, which means I have lots of reviews this month! As usual, linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy: Anything- Jenny Allen’s account of her journey to surrendering to anything God had for her was very inspiring. It almost scared me to read it, because I was worried […]

Pregnancy Update {28 weeks}

I figured it was time for a little pregnancy update, as we head into the third trimester. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by, and as we look at our busy calendar for the rest of the summer we are realizing that baby will be here before we know it! How I’m Feeling […]

A Year of Retirement

I celebrated my one year “retirement” anniversary last week. It’s crazy to think that it’s been a year since I stopped working, but it’s also awesome to see how much things have changed! Last year I had been hoping for a baby for 6 months. This year I have been growing a baby for 6 […]

Storms over Detroit

Two years ago, I sat in a Chili’s inside the Detroit Airport, waiting for an update from my sister, who was at the hospital in Yakima, while my mom was having her second brain surgery. The plan was to go in and remove the metastatic tumor they had spotted on the ultrasound/MRI, with the expectation […]

What I’m Reading: June 2016

I must have caught the summer reading bug! Actually, what happened is that at the beginning of the month I went through our studio, picked out a stack of books, piled them on my nightstand, and declared “THESE will be the books I read this month!” But that has never worked very well for me, […]

Inland Northwest Food Network Spotlight

Today I want to share some of the articles that I’ve been writing for the Inland Northwest Food Network’s blog, based around their series of cooking classes called “The Seasonal Kitchen: Cooking with the Bounty of the Region.” The goal of the classes is to teach people how to cook delicious, nutritious, locally grown seasonal […]

Things I Do

Sometimes I feel like I get nothing done throughout the week, other than the things required for survival… like eating. (And trust me, I have been doing a lot more of that lately) It can be really disheartening when I think of all the things that I would LIKE to do, especially when it seems […]

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