A Year of Retirement

Pend Oreille Shores Annual Picture

Then and Now: 2015 vs 2016 at the lake: first stop after my last day of work!

I celebrated my one year “retirement” anniversary last week. It’s crazy to think that it’s been a year since I stopped working, but it’s also awesome to see how much things have changed!

Last year I had been hoping for a baby for 6 months. This year I have been growing a baby for 6 months!

Last year I was exhausted, burnt out and stressed out. This year I am not! (Ok, maybe a little tired, but I blame that on the pregnancy)

Last year I hadn’t made any time for my friends and was feeling very isolated and anxious about it. This year I’ve focused on relationships, reconnected with old friends and made some new ones!

Last year my to-do list was long and overwhelming. This year I have been able to check many things off the list, including some projects that had been in the queue for 10 years (like my high school scrapbooks!). I have a few more to finish before baby comes, but I am happy with my progress!

Last year I read 21 books. This year I have already read 60. (I realize that even 21 seems like a lot, but reading is MY THING).

Last year I was struggling to figure out my health issues and doing the best I could to make it through each day only to start over again the next. This year I have spent A LOT of time self experimenting, cleansing, and choosing health. I am feeling GREAT!

Last year I was focused on figuring out my health, convinced I was the only one struggling with these issues. This year I began speaking out about my struggles with angioedema, and was amazed at the reaction–I have had people contact me from all around the world asking for advice with their own struggles, and one doctoral student from Europe asked to use my photo in her dissertation!

Last year I was looking for a place to volunteer so I could connect with people who share my passions. This year I have “found my people” and was even featured in the monthly volunteer spotlight for the Inland Northwest Food Network for my help with grant writing and blog articles for their seasonal cooking series.

Last year I was learning about traditional food preparations and thought it was great, but barely had time to meal prep “regular foods” throughout the week. This year i’ve mastered kombucha, yogurt, lacto fermentation, gelatin gummies, offal, soaking grains, and hope to soon start making sourdough!

I never thought I would enjoy being a stay-at-home mom (to-be!) so much. But I LOVE it. People ask me all the time what I do with my time and tell me they would go crazy if they weren’t working. But I guarantee you—time fills up quickly! And let me tell you—margin and rest are GOOD FOR THE SOUL (and the body! and the mind!). We focus so much on being busy and pride ourselves on our full schedules, but I just don’t believe that’s how we were designed to live, and I am thankful for this opportunity to step back and reprioritize, especially as we get ready to become parents and seek to set a good example for our children. 

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