A Field Trip to Taste and See

Field Trip to Coeur d'Alene LakeI went on a field trip this weekend. It was another assignment for the writing class I’m taking. Writer’s block is something that strikes unannounced, and good writers need to know how to beat it. This exercise was intended to get our creative juices flowing, but for me it was so much more.

We were instructed to create a field trip that would provide us with an experience for our senses… something that would help us to get “filled up.” As soon as I read the instructions, I knew exactly where I was headed.

I packed my trusty backpack, hopped on my bike, and headed down to the beach. There’s a section of the beach that I used to visit daily when I was unemployed, and even when I was working part time. It was where my friend and I would go to talk through all of our issues, to ponder life, and where I spent a lot of time wondering, “why am I still living in this town?” We were there so often we even nicknamed it “the office.” Ironically, my real office is about 100 yards away, but now that I work full time I never go down there.

So there I was, sitting on the beach, feeling as if nothing had changed–still pondering life and praying through my issues, but no longer wondering why I am living in this town…because after 3 and a half years, my attitude has {finally} changed, and instead today I got to reflect on all the reasons I am thankful that I live in this beautiful place.

I brought my Bible with me on the field trip, because that is exactly what fills me up. I decided to read Acts, which reminded me of my monthly goal that I had completely forgotten about- intentionally making time to seek the Spirit. What a great opportunity! The point of the assignment was to activate our senses, to “taste and see” in the literal sense, but my field trip provided a chance to “taste and see” in the Biblical aspect as well. Reading about the early Church inspired me in a way that I hadn’t felt since those early days at “the office.”

As I sat there overlooking the peaceful lake, I saw children playing in the sand with childlike wonder and imagination, teenagers with nothing on the schedule but getting the perfect jumping photo, and adventurous boaters, taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather.

I heard dogs barking in excitement as they explored new territory, bikes whizzing on the path behind me, and the local seaplane coming in overhead.

I felt the breeze on my neck and the glorious sun on my face. But best of all, I felt peace. Remembering those carefree days and knowing that they are not over brings hope to my weary soul. Reading about the New Testament church reminded me of God’s plan for the church and encourages me to live more intentionally. And that’s the best thing one could ask for on a Saturday morning.

If you’re feeling stuck, hopeless, or worn out, I encourage you to take part in this exercise. Your field trip may look different- it may be a hike, a trip to a local market, or people watching in a coffee shop. But I encourage you to take time for yourself so that you too can taste and see what is good.

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