31 days…to the altar

It may seem a little crazy that I have chosen to participate in 31 days this year. I haven’t even come close to posting 31 times in the last year (if you don’t count last year’s 31 days series), let alone posting everyday for a month. But with all the change in my life this year, I needed a constant; something to keep me accountable and provide a goal for the month of October.

Also, I thought of my topic approximately 5 months ago and have been planning it out since, so I would be remiss to pass up the opportunity!

 ♥ ♥ ♥

So, with that, I announce to you my 31 days series: 31 days…to the altar. {A guide to a short engagement}

31 Days to the altar

The next 31 days will be full of stories, advice, and hopefully some practical tools to help brides who are on a time crunch. But don’t worry– I will also try to make it interesting for those of you who aren’t planning a wedding!  If nothing else, you can laugh at my novice mistakes as I share the inside scoop (and photos) on how we managed to plan a wedding for 250 people in just 3 months. I am looking forward to sharing some of these stories, since I was busy planning a wedding during our three month engagement, and therefore didn’t have time to document any of it on the blog.

Day 1: Our Journey to the Altar

Day 2: Soak It In

Day 3: It’s all about the money

Day 4: Timing is Everything

Day 5: Seek Wise Counsel

Day 6: Give and Take

Day 7: Location, Location, Location

Day 8: Select your Style

Day 9: Going Social

Day 10: Building a Guest List

Day 11: Say Yes to the Dress

Day 12: Capture the Moment

Day 13: Surround Yourself with Friends

Day 14: Get Away

Day 15: The Groom’s Role

Day 16: Coordination

Day 17: We are family

Day 18: Delegation

Day 19: The difference is in the details

Day 20: Have your cake and eat it too

Day 21: Cut a Rug

Day 22: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…

Day 23: Feed the masses

Day 24: Deck the halls

Day 25: Make it Special

Day 26: Practice Makes Perfect

Day 27: Gifts of Appreciation

Day 28: Pinspiration

Day 29: Roll with it

Day 30: Giving Thanks

Day 31: Man and Wifey

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