28 Week Bumpdate

New little pumpkin joining our family in 2018!


I haven’t written much anything about this pregnancy yet, and since I’m entering the third trimester, I figured it was about time for an update.

Basically, we were not expecting to get pregnant this past summer, and I actually thought something was terribly wrong with me based on how I was feeling. All I could do was lay on the floor and let our little guy play around me between naps (for me and him). Turns out I was just in the beginning stages of growing a tiny human. (Luckily I never got around to scheduling that doctor’s appointment to have my thyroid re-checked.)

I originally hoped for a 2-3 year spacing between children, mostly so my body could have time to recover and rebuild nutrient stores between extended nursing and the next pregnancy…but, as I am continuing to learn, life rarely goes according to my plan.

Although we were of course excited to grow our family, it was shocking that it was happening so quickly, and to be honest I think it took us awhile to get used to the idea. I even felt a little guilty, because I have so many friends who are trying and have been trying to get pregnant for a long time with no success. I remember going through that struggle myself and thinking it wasn’t fair that all these people who weren’t even trying to get pregnant were conceiving while I was still waiting. So while I was happy that my body seemed to have figured out the whole fertility thing, the timeline of it all was not exactly what I had pictured for our family, and to be honest, I just don’t do well with things not going according to my plan. There were A LOT of different emotions during that first trimester, and I know this blog post will not do that struggle justice.

My biggest concerns were 1) that my body wouldn’t be healthy enough to carry a baby, especially while still nursing a toddler (also that my milk supply would dry up), and 2) that I wouldn’t be able to savor the precious alone time I had planned with my firstborn.

Turns out our bodies are capable of amazing things, and I have tried to do my best to eat nutrient dense foods and supplement where needed to provide as much support as possible. And at 15 months, my little man still nurses about three times a day. I feel like I eat a ton and am constantly tired, but that’s to be expected when you’re eating for three…and chasing an active toddler.

I have been very tried throughout the whole pregnancy (although my energy levels were better in the second trimester than the first), but I think that is inevitable when it is a second child. Thankfully little man is very good at playing independently, and likes to snuggle, so he hasn’t noticed my extra naps much. As far as how things will change once he becomes a big brother—well, there’s no way to predict what will happen, but thankfully he has never had too much separation anxiety or attachment issues (in fact, he’s just as quick to crawl into the laps of my friends to give hugs and snuggles as he is mine), so hopefully that continues. I think going from one to two babies is an adjustment for anyone, and my friends who have been through it before with kiddos so close in age assure me that in the long run they will be best friends and never remember life without one another.

We have chosen to have another out of hospital birth with the same midwives that delivered our first son. They’ve made a few changes, so things will be slightly different this time. For starters, we have less questions since we have been through it all before, so my appointments seem to be a bit shorter 🙂 Also they have a couple of student midwives studying under them right now, so we will likely have one midwife and one student assisting at our birth. Last time they were in between students, so we had two midwives (one of which was the backup midwife from another practice, because of traveling schedules). They have also started contracting out for ultrasounds, which used to be done in house once a month. This worked in our favor, because with the technology they used to have on site, they preferred to do the one ultrasound closer to 22 weeks, but since the tech only came in once a month, we missed the 20 week minimum cutoff by one day and had to wait until 24 weeks to find out the gender of our son. The business they now contract to has AMAZING technology, with a screen that fills up the whole wall, and provides 3D pictures of the little ones in utero. We went in at what we thought was 20 weeks and 1 day, but ended up measuring closer to 18 weeks—although they were still able to determine the gender, so we found out six weeks earlier this time around!

Based on how things were going at the beginning of the pregnancy (my morning sickness lasted longer, the baby didn’t seem as active, I hadn’t gained as much weight), we were convinced that we were having a girl. We went into our ultrasound super confident, and were met with not one, but two surprises— 1) we are in fact having another BOY, and 2) like I already mentioned, I was not as far along as we had thought. This actually explained all the symptoms that made me think it was a girl, and now that we’ve figured all of that out, it is actually quite similar to my pregnancy with our first son. (I was just relieved that none of the surprises were that we were having twins!)

Having my due date adjusted by two weeks was not exactly exciting, but I am happy it happened in the middle of the pregnancy when I was feeling pretty good, instead of at the beginning (how many more weeks of morning sickness??) or at the end (how many more weeks until this baby comes out??). So baby Lindszlo #2 is officially due on April 13, just three months away!

We haven’t done much in preparation for his arrival because we already have most of the things we need, although there are definitely a few things we learned the first time around that we will do differently (like getting him an actual bed/bassinet to sleep in for the first couple months).It’s no joke that things are much more relaxed for the second child (and probably even more so for subsequent children)!

28 Week Bump

I just had my 28 week appointment, and I was actually a bit worried about passing my gestational diabetes test. Last pregnancy I opted out of the test, instead checking my blood sugar levels with an at home monitor. I remember texting a friend when I “finally got above 100!” after eating a giant ice cream sundae. Apparently some people have a hard time keeping it UNDER 100, so I started to wonder if I was doing it wrong. Then I had a 10 lb baby…Then I turned 30, and apparently both of those things are considered risk factors for developing gestational diabetes. So I decided I would actually get tested this time. I chose the food based option instead of drinking the glucose solution, and got the results today, passing with flying colors! I guess I just have big, healthy babies. My midwives don’t try to do any predicting of babies size or anything (thankfully—because I’m pretty sure I would’ve been scared to death if I knew little man was going to be 10 lbs!), but we are all kind of assuming that the second little man will be just as big as the first.

That’s all for now, but I’ll try to provide at least one more update before he actually arrives. I can’t believe it is only 12 weeks away! Time flies when you’re chasing a toddler and trying to squeeze in as many naps as possible.

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