2018 One Word Reminders

Hello friends! Popping in to share some cool opportunities with those of you who choose to pick one word to represent your intention for the year. I know goals and resolutions are not for everyone, but the “one word” strategy seems to be gaining steam over the years, and it’s something I have done myself in the past. This year seems a little too…unpredictable for me to be able to pick only one word, so I am going a different route for 2018. But I recently saw some fun opportunities to celebrate those words, and thought I would share!

Local friends—My new favorite painting party service, Brush Smart CDA, is starting a monthly painting class at Bakery by the Lake, and the January 27th painting is all about celebrating those intentions! When you sign up, you’ll submit your inspirational word of the year, and Julie will have a vinyl stencil cut out and ready for your painting when you arrive. What better way to be reminded of your intentions for the year than to have a beautiful painting to display in your home? More information here

North Idaho Made Necklace– This is another local company, but they fulfill online orders, so it’s a great chance for anyone to have a high quality piece they love. One of my friends’ in-laws owns this company and I love EVERYTHING they make. But right now I am really digging their special Word of the Year Necklaces, because you can take your word with you everywhere you go! (Also available in keychains and pendants, if necklaces aren’t your thing) Totally custom–you get to pick your word, your wood, your style, and your chain. Browse their website for other cool products, too, and know that they stand behind their work and have great customer service. More info here.

Dayspring Word of Truth Quiz– If you’re still not sure what your word should be, have no fear–there is a quiz! This was the first year I’ve seen this (normally I just pick my word out of the blue, or sometimes I say that my word picks me). I decided to take the quiz for fun, and my result was “simplify” which kind of made me laugh. Overall, I am all about simplifying, so I can’t say I disagree with my results, but it feels like I am doing anything BUT simplifying right now. But I also realize that the things I am doing now are hopefully going to set me up for simplicity and success in the future. My year kind of looks like this:

Q1: Hustle Hard

Q2: Rest

Q3 & Q4: Recover and Regroup

I’m curious to know if you’ve picked a word for 2018 and how you’re reminding yourself to live with intention this year?

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