2017 Reading Recap and 2018 Reading Goals

We’re a week into 2018 and I actually feel like I’m making good progress on my goals for the year! I took some time on New Years to sit down with my planning tools (by myself! at Starbucks!) and develop a plan for the year. If you looked at my list of goals you would probably think that I am crazy and one of those people who gives up on Resolutions by Week 2–because there are a lot of them. But by breaking each goal down into actionable steps, I find it’s much easier to develop habits that will last for the long term.

Today I thought I would share about my reading goal for the year. I didn’t expect to get much reading done this past year, so I was surprised when I finally updated my Goodreads account a few weeks ago and saw that I had finished 24 books. Even though things are going to look a lot different here in a few months once baby #2 comes, I am still going to try to be intentional about accomplishing some reading, because it really is one of my favorite hobbies. I love learning, and it’s one of the simplest (and more affordable!) forms of self-care I can manage in this season. So my 2018 reading goal is to finish 25 books. Eventually I would like to participate in a reading challenge where you pick books in different categories you wouldn’t normally read from, but I think for this year I will just be proud of myself if I can make it to 25 books of my own choosing. I did, however, pull 10 books off of our bookcases that I have not read yet–and made a literal “on my nightstand” pile to start me off. I have found that having another book waiting in the wings gives me motivation to finish the one I am currently reading, so hopefully seeing that stack every night will provide some motivation. I picked 10 books because I figured that would give me enough freedom to also read new releases I come across at the library during the year, or books recommended by friends. But as I am also decluttering our house I have realized that we have a lot of books that we already own that I haven’t read–and I would like to either read them and pass them on, or come to terms with the fact that the book is no longer of interest to me, and make some room on the shelves.

So, I told you my secret was actionable steps, and here’s what this looks like when it comes to my reading goals:

Commit to reading 2 chapters per day. (Pretty simple! So far I have only missed one day)

I approach reading like a reward, so I have been working it into my morning routine as sort of a treat for accomplishing some of the other things on my to-do list. That way I am productive during nap time, but I also get a little time to myself. And then it is just a bonus if I get to read more throughout the day or before bed. It also helps having a daily goal, because if at the end of the day I haven’t read my two chapters, I will choose to pick up the book instead of scrolling through social media on my phone.

I’m currently reading Onward by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, and should finish it in the next day or two. At this pace I should be able to finish a book every two weeks and meet my goal of 25 books!

I’ve been doing a little work on the back end of the blog, and it’s now a little bit easier to find the books I have read and reviewed over the years. I’d love it if you checked it out! I’m hoping to compile a list of recommended books (and specifically a resource section when it comes to health and wellness–by category) soon. I will keep you updated!

What are you reading in 2018? Do you set a reading goal? Follow a reading challenge? I’d love to hear what works for you!


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